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Monday, 7 October 2013

Our Skin should be priority!

Maantra believe fully in the aid of natural healthcare rather than harsh substances like chemical and administered medicines.

We have a vast range of products which will help you take care of your health. The one area of the body which we tend to neglect is the skin. Due to life’s daily tasks and stress, the skin tends to wrinkle. The effects of sun damage, smoke, pollution, alcohol and lack of sleep also plays turmoil on the skin, so it is an area we need to take extra special care off.  At Maantra we have the right supplements to ensure you look young and fresh.

Maantra supply a superb product called Vivida which is a skin hydration cream is based on a natural moisturising complex that provides essential nutrients to the epidermis layer of the skin to improve the moisture level. It helps to increase the skin’s own repairing capability and promotes the formation of collagen to maintain younger, firmer looking skin and improve elasticity by allowing maximum absorption of the key active ingredients.

There are many active ingredients in the Vivida cream that can help repair and build the skin giving it a more radiant and youthful look.

As well as products for skin hydration, we have breathing relief items and foot care products, all of course are natural remedies. For more information about any of our products head over to the website today.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Natural products and solutions for foot pain

Maantra believe in providing the most natural products and solutions available on the market, so you do no turn to chemical or administrated medicines.

With heel pain and foot pain being a common problem for many, Maantra have sourced different products to help ease pain and discomfort. When suffering, we automatically think we have to deal with it by taking some painkillers and simply changing our shoes, or in fact taking them off.

Calcaneal spur, usually referred to as heel spur, is a small bone spur located on the heel bone. The only way of detecting if you in fact suffer from this is by having the foot x-rayed. It is a problem, which amounts from constant stress on the foot bone causing calcium deposits to build up on the bottom of the heel.

We have many products available on our website to help ease the pain cause from heel spurs and other foot care problems such as Plantar fasciitis. Simply click on the here.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Always opt for the Natural Remedy!

Humankind originally only had Mother Nature to rely on. We individuals have become far too reliant on the modern world, technologies and treatments. As we are a part of the natural process of creation and living and our body is equipped with a sophisticated immune system, which helps cure and treat us when we come under attack from harmful bugs and illnesses.

So why do we look to a modern age remedy and not a natural one?

Chemical and administered medicines can be harsh and have a negative effect on our general well-being. Dependency on certain drugs can create into an addiction or further problems on top of what they are claimed to be treating. We may become dependent on painkillers for our heel pain or foot pain or sleeping tablets because we believe that they are effective. The truth is the body will no longer respond to these medicines but in fact become immune to them. In addition, dependency is a long-term problem, in certain cases an illness, which can be harmful for everyday functions of mind and body.

When turning to natural health products it banishes all the possibilities of further problems. The products help treat general discomfort and ailments without the involvement of chemical additives, whilst also promoting and maintaining inner health and treating the condition from within.

Natural health devices and supplements treat and prevent a wide array of ailments and conditions from pain relief, diabetic foot treatments to gum disease. They work in harmony with Nature to help keep the body healthy and free of any side effects caused by normal medicines, which can lead to different ailments and further illnesses.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Natural Health products are the way forward!

Most of us suffer with an ailment at some point in our life, mostly a curable one and some suffer more than others. Certain conditions can be helped, treated, and even minimised like diabetes foot problems, with the help of natural healthcare products.

Our natural healthcare products are drug-free; do not have any side effects and work in line with the body, to keep it maintained. An example of this for Diabetic foot care, is our diabetic socks. Of course they is no consumption of drugs simply a pair of socks which have been structured and designed to treat the dry cracked skin on feet. They have proven results.

Diabetic foot is quite common in this day and age, so do not let it ruin your summer by restricting your footwear. Dermasox have a fantastic solution and are leaders in this area with their diabetic socks. They have designed them with extra fabric where needed the most and contain nano-bamboo charcoal fibres which deliver more intense moisture whilst wearing these undercover solution.

We not only cater for diabetes foot problems, we have natural remedies for many other illnesses, symptoms, and syndromes. We have a magnificent little device, which eases breathing and helps reduce and even eliminate snoring, as well as a compression foot sleeve for Plantar fasciitis.

All our solutions are online as well as some clinical data sheets to explain a little further into the product for our customers to gain a full understanding of what they are using and its curable effects.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Diabetic foot problems? - solution could be a click away

Do you suffer with diabetic foot skin condition or diabetic foot problems

Dry cracked skin on your feet may be related with diabetic foot problems. There is no real cure or remedy to completely banish this but Dermasox have created a whirlwind storm in the market with their innovative socks that have been proven to minimise and treat the areas of skin affected.

As summer is now upon us, we want our feet to be in tiptop condition including our heels, which may become very dry and cracked. Diabetic foot care has never been more essential around summer time as we are all venturing out on holiday or simply just airing our feet in flip-flops when enduring the heat. So it is important to take care of your feet.  

Dermasox are specially made seam-less socks made of bamboo encapsulated with a UK patented natural moisturising formula. Treatment is time-released on friction through wearing the socks, so wear them whilst walking, working out or around the house. Best worn for 6-8 hours a day to gain maximum benefit and see the difference.  Each pair lasts 30 days treatment and after use DermaSox are great for every-day use.  Dermasox comes in two pairs per pack for full 60 days treatment! DermaSox are natural and can be worn for all those with 'at risk feet',  prone to dryness and cracking.

Maantra believe in providing natural healthcare solutions for our customers, we have received positive feedback and testimonials from customers telling us they have noticed a marked improvement and are happy with what they have achieved from wearing these specially treated  socks.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Pain-relief natural remedies in a click!

When people are suffering from foot-pain, such as plantar fasciitis, heel&arch pain and heel spurs they may resort to natural solutions. With the advances in innovative technology many products can offer a solution. Natural Health Products, Foot Care Products and other Health&Well Being products are available in pharmacies and online.

FS6 compression foot sleeves, an award winning footcare product with innovative design technology targets the zones where you need the most support. Tries&tested and approved by podiatrists and athletes, FS6 may be the solution to your foot pain.  The product has been screened an approved by the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) and carries the seal of approval.

Visit us today at, we hope to be of assistance. Search for “Maantra Natural Healthcare” products and view our range. Natural Health Products, Foot Care Products and allied Health&Well Being Products, displayed with clear and precise product images coupled with complete and full comprehensive details, so you know exactly what we have and the benefits to you of all our products.

All of our products are natural, non-invasive, drug free and classed medical devices where appropriate. Natural Health Products may help in alleviating symptoms of pain and discomfort, without any side-effects.  We advise that natural products should never be a substitute for prescribed medication without the advice of your GP or Practice Nurse.    Further information and helpline at 

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Go natural - go healthy!

There are many solutions to health issues within natural remedies. The same applies to irritating repetitive problems. For example snoring, where the sleeper may waken up several times and this can impinge on the quality of refreshed sleep, it also can disturb the sleep of those nearest and dearest to you. We like the Breathing Relief nasal device, designed to open airways and allow a more calmful rest. Can also be used in non-contact sports for easier breathing.
There are many natural solutions available and people can get relief quickly and safely, not to mention at a convenience suitable to buying from the comfort of your own home. 
Incontinence products - environment friendly, washable pants for men and women. 100% natural cotton. Clever devices to help stop snoring, natural skin care products and more from our range of natural health products.

Our products also cater for your health&wellbeing. Our much loved Acupressure Mats are designed to provide calm and relaxation, help with back pain and muscular discomfort.